Sunday, July 11, 2010

So another School year has come to an end and so sorry that it has taken me so long to load these but my computer died and my laptop was with Vicky in North Carolina. Now thanks to Joel we have a new custom built computer at a very cheap cost.

So .... Sarah had her Grade Nine Grad/Commencment what ever you want to call it and Amanda Speers came over and did Sarah's hair and make-up. Doesn't she look amazing as well as her friends Yelena and Bailee. It seems most of her friends left pretty fast after the awards so we did not get too many of them in pictures. Sarah Received an Award for Honour's with distinction. Way to go Baby I am proud of you!!!

Chrissy had her Grade 6 wrap-up, no real ceremony, but they put on a fun play about King Aurthur pulling a music colourful tube out of a stone instead of a sword so that they could make great music instead of war and when France invaded they had recorders so they all made music together. Chrissy played 2 parts first as a villager then as one of the French that invaded and she played her recorder very well, while walking too I might add. (That talent did not come from her mother!) Oh and Chrissy was presented with a Service award for being very helpful.

Next, Vicky was lucky enough to skip the last 2 weeks of school and go to North Carolina with her Grammy to meet her Great Grandma and lots of great aunts, uncles and other family. She was able to enjoy the beautiful lake swimming almost every day!! This is a fun picture I guess Grandma was happy to have someone come to visit that she could look in the eye and how often does Grammy get to be in a picture when she is the tallest one! (Picture has my Aunt Georgie, Vicky, Grandma, and Grammy)

So another School year is over next year Sarah will be in High school, Chrissy in Junior High and Mis Vicky will be in Grade 6. One more year and all three of them will be in Young Womens with me. How is it possible that they are getting older when I am not!! ;)

Next thing to look forward to is Young Women's camp this week and then one more week and a half until Trevor, Tiffany and the Kids get here. I can't wait and then we will get to go south for a week! See you all soon!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break

Well.... I know it has been a long time since I last posted so I thought I would post our spring break activities. I took Wednesday and Thursday off and the original plan was that I would take off with Sarah to Utah as the selection of modest dresses is better there than here but I couldn't find anyone to drive with me. So we made alternate plans. First I too all three girls to the optomitrist to have their eyes checked as it has been a couple of years and Vicky was complaining about seeing the board. So Sarah's eyes are the same but Chrissy and Vicky's eyes have changed a lot. Here is a picture of Chrissy with her new glasses.

Vick's are on order and Sarah is getting sunglasses that we can hopefully pick up next week then we will post a picture with their new glasses.

Next Activitie was paining the dinning room and living room. This has been a goal for a long time so I was very excited. Kevin helped me mud and sand all the cracks to get ready so here are the before pictures.

And the After:

I picked these colours after seeing Cassandra Bailey's house after Shep`s blessing a year and a half ago. I love the new colours, now we just need to get some base boards and maybe new trim for around the one window.

Next was Sarah`s Birthday. Grammy, Charissa Hoy and I spent all day looking for a grad dress. She finally picked one you will have to stay tuned for pictures. That evening we had a surprise party for Sarah with her frineds and the Behrs. We had black forest cake (of course) and lots of fun. Although it could only have been better if we had a few more people to share the fun.......

Amanda Speers was my photographer as I was busy cutting cake and serving. Thanks for your help!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

For New years eve there was a dance for the youth and Sarah and her friend Carissa got ready at our house then they went over together. Jeff and Chealsie were dressed up to the nines as well and maybe it was for the party they went to after ours. Don't they look great!

We played games in the avonmore hall until almost 2 in the morning when Tony decided it was time to go home. and yes that is Mason sleeping under the table even though we are all making a lot of noise around him. We always have too much food it is too bad we didn't have more family there to help us eat it.

The kids all had a great time Sissy loved to play with Chrissy and even Brody gave me a smile

Then Sissy and Jace were at Aunties house the next day to play with the girls. Jace's favorite toy when he gets here is the marble works but he never hesitates to play barbies with Sissy.
It was funny at church last Sunday the nursery leaders asked Jace what his sister's name was he told them Sissy. I am so glad that they came up for Christmas I will miss them greatly lets hope we get together soon again maybe in Utah where it is a lot warmer. Our tempature today is -23 with a windchill of -35 (celcius of course but at those temps it is not too far from being equal in farenheight) HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hi everyone, this is Sarah, and I have no pictures for you today. I have set up my own blog, specifically for my own pictures, if you would like to see it the adress is . From now on, this will be where I post my pictures.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Alright, more pictures, not of people, our class got a ''macro'' assignment, wich is being super-close to something so that it is hard to guess what it is. Some of theese pictures aren't as ''macro'' as others, but i really like them!!!
This first picture has not been touched-up, it's just straight out of the camers, and it might be good enough to get published in the year book!!!! :D i'm so proud of this picture!!!!!

See if you can guess what they all are!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here's Ariane, Vicky's friend in Chrissy's fuzzy dice costume

This is one of our favourite families in our ward.

Chrissy and her loot (POSEUR!!) Hehe

Ariane and her loot

Vicky and her loot

Chrissy's friend Savannah and her loot
Savannah, dressed as a nerd, and chrissy, as a fuzzy dice

Ariane, as a dark angle, Vicky as a fairy, and Oreo as a fairy


Hey guys, it's Sarah, (who else!!) So, as I'm sure you all know, today was Halloween and, as you may have guessed.... I'M A LITTLE SUGAR HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so, as you may have realized, the pitures and everything are in reverse order, and I'm too lazy to fix it!! (Hehe) But at least you got to see the pics... Chrissy and Vicky each invited a friend over and had a nice little party, before everyone got there though, we decided to decorate the basement, so here's a video of our mad decorating skills, (turn your head to the left when you watch it; I'm technologically challenhed today!!) (and just so you know, there's no sound.)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hey everyone!!! This is Sarah bringing you some more pictures!!! YAYY!!! I've noticed that our blog hasn't exactly been up-to-date so today I made sure I brought home some more pictures!!! Now, I'm sure yoou are all aware of my obsession with photoshop..... however, some of these pictures have had no modification what so ever. Enjoy!!!! (By the Way, this time around, I forgot to put the originals first, so just keep in mind that the edited pictures are frst and the originals second)

Railing at my school;



This is my wonderful model Claire, who posed patiently while I took the photo from the best possible angle. THANKS CLAIRE!!!♥♥

So, that's it for now, I'll try to blog more often (and get my mom to do the same!!!)

Hopefully you are all well!!!!!!!!!